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Named by the Niantic tribe, Manisses means "Little Island of Manitou"

Little Island of Manitou


Named by the Niantic, Manisses means “Little Island of Manitou”.

The Niantic, whose tribe eventually merged  with the Narragansett people, called the island “Manisses” (“little island of Manitou“).

Archaeological sites indicate these native people lived largely by hunting deer, catching fish and shellfish, and growing cornbeans, and squash. They migrated from forest to coastal areas to take advantage of seasonal resources. Artifacts found in the area suggest that American Indians inhabited the area as far back as 1300 BC.

In 1662, natives on the island numbered somewhere from 1,200 to 1,500. By 1774, that number had been reduced to fifty-one.

In 1985 the Historical Society sponsored and archeological dig that discovered a year round settlement which with carbon dating proved this highly skilled maritime culture inhabited this location in 500 BC. The museum has a replica of the findings of this midden and village site. Please stop in to see the extensive collection of points and stone tools preserved by many generations of islanders.