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The newly renovated exterior of the Hotel Manisses, Block Island

The Boutique Hotel Experience


Here are 5 reasons why there’s nothing quite like the boutique hotel experience.
Staying in a boutique hotel can provide a far richer experience when it comes to accommodations provided and exploring the areas you visit.

1. Unique experience: Staying at a boutique hotel means that you’ll get an experience you cannot get any place else on the planet. The hotel is unique, one of a kind, and what it offers travelers can’t be replicated any place else.

2. More personal service: Many boutique hotels have a lower capacity – fewer rooms overall are available – so it’s possible for owners and staff to provide a much more personalized experience for their guests. They will recognize your face, pet and be more aware of any needs you may have.

3. Local connections: A boutique hotel is a local business, which makes it easier for them to make connections to other local businesses. This can include partnerships with restaurants, tour agencies, spas, and many others that guests can benefit from when they stay.

4. Distinctive architecture: Rather than following a pre determined design, many boutique hotels have their own distinctive architecture that sets them apart from the multi-floored cookie-cutter rooms at the larger chains. With unique style and beautiful buildings, boutique hotels can be an experience in and of themselves.

5. Intimate Atmosphere: The smaller capacity of boutique hotels makes for a cozy, private atmosphere that is almost impossible to find in the long hallways and echoing lobbies of large, chain hotels. The quiet spaces of boutique hotels, their unique architecture, and their attentive personnel help create an intimate, relaxing environment during your stay.

A visitor to Block Island who chooses to stay at The Hotel Manisses will have a vastly different experience than if they were to stay elsewhere. The Hotel Manisses is the only boutique hotel on Block Island. The complete renovation of the property sets it apart from the rest.